Massage Types
Swedish Massage (Ace's Most Popular)
This Massage is purely for relaxation, a swedish can be a slow and gently, vigorous and bracing depending on what the client is trying to achieve. For general stress involving the entire body
Deep Tissue Massage
Aimed at the deeper structure of the muscle fascia. While usinghte same movements and techniques as swedish massage Deep Tissue uses more pressure to release chronic muscle tension or knots (adhesions)
Therapeutic Massage
This Massage is meant to offer Health Benefits in which Ace's LMT's and the client have a goal to achieve structural changes within the body, generall through a series of regular session (Specific complaints like pain in the hip, tight shoulders, spasm in lower back etc.....
Manipulating the feet and hands which relaxes the entire body. Specific reflex points will welcome acute and chronic pain, allergies,arthritis,back problems,headaches,high blood pressure, and sciatica